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One of the greatest moments of the film because you can just see Bilbo’s utter resignation like, “Yeah, yeah, I’m dead. I’ll just kneel right here. Okay bye.”

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Words are life, Liesel. All those pages, they’re for you to fill.

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For two days in a row I have worked at BBW for Black Friday. One. More. Day. 

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The book thief has struck for the first time – the beginning of an illustrious career”

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I haven’t been on this website in a very long time and it makes me sad 

But I’m back! 

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Cats Giving High Fives 

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Got tickets to see Josh Ritter in February with my main gal. 


Cats in snow!<3

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Best Pet Costumes of Halloween 2013

Is that a pet beaver


a pet beever

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"You really have to admire the way these women find meaning in their days. How they take care of each other."

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The crown jewel of our Reunions issue: The cast of Boy Meets World, then and now. (We’ve got a whole gallery of these, including Mulder and Scully!)

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